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Experts in environmentally friendly, non-permanent street advertising…

You’ve come to the right place for high impact environmentally friendly street advertising across the UK. ┬áHere are some of the services we provide…

  • Reverse Graffiti (through powerwash stencils)

  • Non-permanent bio-painted street advertising

  • Green street advertising graffiti

  • Moss advertising installations

  • Chalk graffiti for non-permanent street advertising

  • Sand & mud printed street advertising

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Experts at delivering non-permanent street graffiti advertising

Green Ape Graffiti are experts in delivering environmentally friendly reverse graffiti across city centres – our ethos is simple…

  • All of our street advertising techniques are environmentally friendly

  • All of our street graffiti advertising is non-permanent

  • We’re ready for the any challenge…

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