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A green press launch for Grow Wild

Green Ape Graffiti are delighted to have played a part in the official press launch for “Grow wild”.  The Grow Wild initiative aims to bring inspirational wildlife spaces across the UK with four initial sites across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Green Ape worked with the Big Partnership to create a biodegradable chalk backdrop for the official Grow wild photo press launch today in Glasgow. Using our organic chalk mix, some pretty sophisticated poly-carbon cutting and a little magic from our street team, we left an 8 foot square logo impression to get the launch off to a “blooming” good start…

Find out more about Grow Wild here and get involved in the vote!


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Why Green Street Advertising?

We’ve only been officially active as Green Ape Graffiti for a few weeks and we’re delighted to report that business has been great – we’re finding a huge demand for our eco-friendly promotion across Edinburgh and the rest of the UK.  But why is Green graffiti street advertising becoming such a popular alternative to generic street advertising?  Well for one thing, it’s unique – you see so many posters and street A-board advertising outside most shop fronts these days, it’s not easy to make your street campaign stand out among the bland sea of A1s.


There are several methods of non-permanent street advertising and here at Green Ape we make a stand for advertising that is green, biodegradable and eco-friendly graffiti advertising.  Take Reverse Graffiti.  Reverse graffiti is essentially a stencil imprint power washed onto a dirty surface to leave a clean street stencil impression.  Depending on how dirty the surroundings are, and on the amount foot fall the surface incurs, this form of unique street advertising can stay visible for months.  But it does have its limitations – you require a surface that can actually be cleaned in the first place.  Granite for example doesn’t clean up effectively, and some of the cheap concrete paving slabs we see around town are designed to never really change colour form a permanent state of scuff.  We at Green Ape are experts at identifying the perfect areas for Reverse wash graffiti so if you’re interested in trying some really unique green street advertising, allow us to be of service.

Then there’s chalk advertising.  The great thing about chalk is that you can apply it on almost any surface regardless of material, dirt or foot fall.  We use a unique biodegradable chalk spray that will fade and disappear in time but will stay visible for a few weeks.  Chalk is an ideal substance for fortnightly-monthly  unique street advertising campaigns.

Want to try something really different?  Then why not go for living, breathing and eh… well growing graffiti… Moss Graffiti advertising.  OK so it’s not the most simple form of street advertising to create and deploy but if prepared in the right place with the right maintenance, you’ll have something that truly stands out.

So give up the A-board and choose a really creative head-turning alternative to street advertising.  And yep, we’re at your service to deploy it for you.



Clean Wash Reverse Graffiti Edinburgh Campaign for Juniper


Green Ape are delighted to introduce Juniper to the streets of Edinburgh.  Juniper is a lovely new bar (with sister restaurant) soon to launch on Edinburgh’s Princes Street.  As the bar is hidden away off the beaten bar track, they’ve commissioned Green Ape to deploy some clean power wash graffiti across certain key areas in Edinburgh to launch a unique awareness campaign.  Keep your eyes peeled around Scotland’s capital city for their unique “J” branding – coming to a dirty pavement near you!

Reverse Graffiti is a great clean green graffiti technique for environmentally friendly street advertising that is incredibly unique.  The process? We use our state of the art petrol engined power wash sprays to literally clean a stencil impression on a dirty pavement slab or wall.  We’re also doing our bit to clean the streets of Edinburgh! 😉

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