Proud to be part of the Queensferry Bridge Crossing Experience Weekend

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The Green Ape team were delighted to work with the great folk at GSI Events to produce the start and finish sections for the launch of the Queensferry Crossing. The Queensferry Crossing opened on Wednesday 30th of August and is now the main route for traffic crossing the Forth. It is a wonderful feat of engineering and an amazing landmark! As the new bridge has no pedestrian walkway, the opening of the Queensferry Crossing was celebrated by offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for 50,000 people from Scotland and the world, to cross it on foot. It was then officially opened by the Queen herself. Check out the video below.

We’d like to thank Neil and the team for involving GreenApe in this once in a lifetime event.

Full speed ahead at the Ignition Festival of Motoring

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We were delighted to be back working with the guys from the Ignition Festival of Motoring to produce their on-site track markings. We were commissioned to create two 7.5m wide targets and logo impressions across their race course for the main event. Why? to grind the hell out of them using hundreds of motor vehicles obviously! Our longer lasting bio-paint markers still held up against, what could possibly be their greatest endurance test ever…

A street teaser for The Edinburgh Film Festival

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The Green Ape team enjoyed working again with the Edinburgh International Film festival on their recent teaser street campaign for the Shaun of the Dead screening and zombie party down at the Biscuit Factory to kick off this year’s festival. Well if Zombies are the theme then what better than a classic film quote and a set of bloody foot prints leading folk towards the party?! Our team deployed multiple impressions across several locations leading towards the venue using our non-permananet bio paint.

Check out this year’s lineup here.